Frequently asked questions


What is balnsCard?

balnsCard is a second-generation hardware wallet designed for mobile use. It uses a contactless, near-field communication (NFC) interface to communicate with the balns mobile app.

Can I only use the balnsWallet if I have a balnsCard?

No, the balnsWallet can be used as a mobile wallet without a balnsCard.

The balnsCard is a complement to the balns mobile app that adds an extra layer of security to the storage and transaction of your digital assets.

How must I tap my balnsCard against my phone?

The balnsCard works over NFC. You must tap your balnsCard against your phone in the correct position for it to work with the balns mobile app.

When you first connect your balnsCard to the balns app, you are given an opportunity to figure out where the NFC reader of your phone is by tapping it in different positions (if you do not already know).


Most iPhones have their NFC reader near the top of the phone.


The position of the NFC reader in Android phones varies significantly from model to model. Some have their NFC reader near the top of the phone, while others have it at the back around the centre of the phone.


How do the balnsCard backups work?

During the Connect balnsCard process, your balnsCard gets backed up automatically.

Our backup system splits your balnsCard master seed (keys) into two parts: one which gets stored on your iCloud (iOS) or Google Drive (Android), and another which gets stored by balns.

These two backup parts cannot be used on their own to regenerate your master seed (key), but must be used together.

If you ever need to recover your balnsCard (e.g. if you lose your balnsCard or phone), the first and easiest solution is to recover using the automated backup.

However, we also provide a manual (paper) backup in addition to the automated backup. This is a fallback in case the automated backup becomes inaccessible (e.g. if you lose access to your iCloud or Google Drive).

Where can I get help?

Email us at [email protected]

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